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Faith's Life-Saving Nail Trim

June 21, 2022

This is a story about a sweet dog named Faith and how a nail trim saved her life.

Faith was boarding with us and after her morning walk, she was lifted onto an exam table for a routine nail trim. Afterward, she was returned to her indoor run seemingly fine. An hour had passed and a kennel staff member noticed Faith appeared to be in a weakened state.

On exam, using ultrasound, Dr. Gray revealed she had a splenic mass that was bleeding internally. The act of lifting Faith onto the exam table likely caused pressure on the abdomen and the mass to begin bleeding. Very soon after this discovery, Dr. Gray removed her spleen and the attached mass and Faith made a full recovery. Unfortunately, Faith's tumor was malignant so she is now undergoing treatment with an Oncologist in Knoxville and appears to be responding well.