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Savannah's Bladder Stones

June 21, 2022

Bladder stones are "rock-like" collections of minerals that form in the urinary bladder.

They may occur as a large single stone or as a collection resembling large gravel or grains of sand. The quickest way to way to treat bladder stones is through surgical removal. However, to avoid surgery, certain types can be dissolved through medication and a prescription diet.

Savannah presented in August 2018 with frequent urination and her owner reported that she was excessively licking her vulva. We collected a sterile urine sample and started Savannah on a round of antibiotics with plans to recheck a urine sample two weeks post medication. Unfortunately, she had little improvement and continued to have urinary accidents as well as blood in her urine. We then performed an ultrasound where we discovered bladder stones. At that time Savannah's owner opted to attempt to dissolve the stones with medications and diet change but her symptoms continued to worsen. We then scheduled her for surgery to remove the stones from the bladder. We are happy to say that Savannah made a full recovery and is stone free!